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How to place an order?

With just a resale card you can get started today. Just fax us your retail store information and your order and we will get you going! For all others interested in our product, please contact us. Once you become a customer we can send you catalog, price list and fabric swatches for your store.


Do you sell to the general public?

At this time we only sell our products to the Home Furniture Industry.


How do you ship the orders?

Please have a trucking company available and once your order is ready, we will notify you in order for you to arrange a pick up.


Who do you recommend if I need to hire a shipping company ?

Please go to our Resources Guide Section and select Trucking Companies for a list of available delivery companies.


I have a problem with my order, who should I contact ?

Please make every effort to resolve any issues with the retailer or designer you purchased from.  In the event you can't come to a resolution we will then make every attempt to assist you.  


What is the warranty on all products?

In placing an order, you are accepting all products and merchandise under the terms and conditions, but we do offer an inspection on any damaged items and will repair if necessary under our circumstances at no charge, in our factory.  Click here for more detailed description of our warranty


How do I clean or protect my furniture ?

Please view our furniture care tips section on how to care and clean your furniture. 


Terms & Conditions?

Our standard terms are check due on delivery (COD).

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